Roger Royle 1971 - 74

Roger Royle

 Born 30 January 1939 in Cardiff. Best known for presenting Songs of Praise and Sunday Half Hour on BBC (1991-2007).

In 1971 Roger became Priest-in-charge of St. James the Less Dorney and became the first Warden of the Dorney Parish Eton College Project. Between 1974 and 1979 he also served as Conduct (senior chaplin) of Eton College.Roger is 'Patron' to mental health charity 'Being Alongside', formally: Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health.


John Methuen 1974 - 77

 John was born on 14 August 1947 and educated at Eton College. After leaving Dorney/Eton he became vicar of St Mark's, Reading then rector of The Ascension, Hulme. While in Hulme he sheltered asylum seeker Viraj Mendis for over two years (December 1986 to January 1989). His next appointment was as Dean of Ripon in 1995. He died in 2010.

Paul Hawkins 1977 - 82

Ronald Johnson 1982 - 85

Romald Johnson

Jeffrey Whale 1985 - 1984


Adrian & Hillary Cotterill 1984 - 1990

adrian cotterill     Hillary Cotterill

Adrian Cotterill Hillary Cotterill Adrian & Hillary became the first wardens which were not employed by Eton College and were not ordanined.

Colin & Rosemary Morton 1990 -98

Colin Morton     Rosemary Morton

Colin & Rosemary outside the CentreOriginaly from South East London, Colin worked for over 17 years in Citibank in London and before coming to Dorney worked as a Warden along with his wife Rosemary at The Pickenham Centre in Norfork (a christian conference centre). They were Wardens from 1990 to 1998. During their time the Centre hosted 4 groups of children (a month at a time) from Belarus who were suffering from effects of the Chernobyl Power Station Explosion in 1986.




Ged & Sue Pearce 1998 - 2008

Ged, Sue & Kathryn Click HERE for Ged & Sue's memories.


Liliana Illes 2008 - 2016