Paul Hawkins, Miss Middlemas & Miss Mennis
Paul Hawkins, Miss Middlemas & Miss Mennis

Ron Johnson

During Adrian & Hillary Cotterill's time

Hillary & Adrian Cotterill & Elizabeth & Steve Bland
Hillary & Adrian Cotterill, Suzie Appleton & Elizabeth & Steve Bland
Elizbeth Bland
Elizabeth Bland
Doreen Mathers
Doreen Mathers one of our Caterers who came from the North West, Whitehaven North in the Lake district.
Paul Baxter & Hillary Coterill
Paul Baxter, Assistant Warden (he was initially a volunteer with 'Time for God' who came from near Coventry) with Hilary Cotterill and Richard (with Learning Disabilities) who came for overnight respite care. This was a scheme which was championed by our Caterer Stephanie Moss. She had connections via a Burnham Social Services Day centre and was instrumental in helping develop the link which helped parents of young adults with such learning Disabilities to have a break from caring for their child.

Adrian Cotterill & Paul Baxter (Asst Warden)
Adrian Cotterill & Paul Baxter
Joy Richmond
Joy Richmond
Mary Baker & Penny Dollimore
Mary Baker & Penny Dollimore

During Colin & Rosemary's time

25th Anniversary

Adrian Cotterill, A Volunteer, Colin Morton, Roger Royle
Elizabeth Bland, Penny Dollinore, Hillary Cotterill & Rosemary Morton

Roger, Rosemary & Colin
Roger Royle, Rosemary Morton & Colin Morton

penny, Colin & Steve
Penny Dollimore, Colin Morton & Steve Bland


Julie, Anna & Joe
Julie Woods, Anna Schrodger, Joe Pontin

Rosemary Morton, Pippa Elphic, Tony Nye, Colin Morton & Julie Woods.


Kathryn Pantry. (click HERE for more photos)

During Ged & Sue Pearce's time

Kathryn Pantry& Sue Pearce
Kathryn Pantry & Sue Pearce

Vivian          Vivian
Vivian Gibson