The Vicarage

Before The Eton Dorney Centre came into being the building was a vicarage for over 700 years. 
According to the Census the following lived in the vicarage:
Revd. (Curate): George Bull born in Aylesbury in 1815 aged 36
Four Servants:
Cook: Emily Bull born in Aylesbury in 1798 aged 53
Coachman: John Sangond born in Aldorn, Hampshire in 1816 aged 35
Footman: John Hy Kiphen  born in Bamburgh, Oxfordshire in 1832 aged 19
Gardener: Harley Payne born in Wingrave in 1830 aged 21
(According to the Census the Vicarage was owned by Rev Henry Palmer 1846/7)
Revd. Lambert C. Edwards born in Normandy in 1822 aged 39
Mrs Frances Edwards born in Maidenhead in 1830 aged 31
Gerald Edwards born Dorney in 1858 aged 3
Harold Edwards born in Dorney in 1860 aged 1
Basil Edwards born in Dorney in 1860 aged 4 months
Four students:
Frances Rupell born in E. Indies, Vigrenagram in 1843 aged 18
Robeert Mary Lake born in Vennilbo, France in 1845 aged 16
John Tabor born in E. Indies, Vigrenagram in 1844 aged 17
Walle Treld born in Acton, Middlesex in 1848 aged 13
Two House Maids:
Ann Baker born in Cypenham in 1835 aged 26
Ellen Newell born in Dorney in 1849 aged 12
Revd. Erasmus Valentine Mason born in Newington in 1813 aged 58
Mrs Sarah Jane Mason born in the Old Kent Road in 1821 aged 50
They had three servants:
Janet Allan born in Croydon in 1807 aged 64
Emily Middleton born in Dorney in 1847 aged 24
Sidney W. Middleton born in Iver Heath in 1856 aged 15
Revd. Erasmus Valentine Mason born in Newington in 1811? aged 70?
Mrs Sarah Jane Mason born in the Old Kent Road in 1821 aged 60
They had three different servants:
Grace Middleton born in Dorney in 1850 aged 3
Elizabeth Crouchley born in London in 1854 aged 27
Walter Holland (born in Albourne, Sussex in 1867 aged 14
1901: Revd. John Sauders born 1859
Mrs Sarah Ann Saunders born 1856) bith born in Dorney.
1911: Revd. Sharpe
3 people living there. Two males & one female.
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Dorney Parish News June 1971
Part of the Article by Philip Dayrell Stewart Palmer

Rev. E. T. Sherlock retired on 31st December 1970 and was the last occupier as a vicar. His pay at the time was £378 from ancient endowments with an augmentation of £1,100 from the Diocese of Oxford. And the Parish paid £344 of his parochial expenses.   
The Diocese was unwilling to continue to pay £1,100 a year to support a Vicar for such a small Parish.      
The Bishop of Oxford, however, agreed to licence a priest-in-charge who would live in the Vicarage and, look after the parish in addition to doing another job.  Also at the request, of the P.C.C., after they had heard the Bishop of Buckingham, agreed to a 3 year suspension of Philip Palmer’s patronage, which his Family had enjoyed, in father to son succession, for some 350 years.
Eton College took on an additional chaplain and it has been agreed between the College, the P.C.C. and Mr Palmer that this man, be asked to licence as priest-in-charge. At Eton College he taught 8 periods a week; and helped to arrange and conduct some of the services in the College Chapels; and arrange the boys’ confirmation conferences at our Vicarage.  
The Vicarage housed the Priest-in-charge as a resident caretaker. The other rooms were set up to take about 20 resident boys. The money for this work including equipment was found by Eton College from various sources and become centre with the Vicar acting as Warden. The first warden was the Rev Roger Royle.
David Jones, Eton Conduct, at the time of the creation of the project along with Col Palmer was the driving force for the Project's creation.
The original concept was to use the centre for:  
 (a) confirmation candidates, usually aged 15-17, from Eton College to spend weekends there in groups of about 20 so that they may discover what it means to be an adult Christian in modern society.      
 (b) a centre for social action where boys and masters might together work out what their social responsibilities in the community ought to be.  
(c) as a centre where young people from very different backgrounds could mix together and discover what it meant to live together as a group and to interpret their experiences in terms of society as a whole. 
(d) For conferences of up to 20 young people arranged by the Diocese or Education Authorities.   
(e) to run in the summer holidays for young people who are deprived of the normal holiday opportunities.       
(f) to be a place where the residents of Dorney Parish and members of Eton College could learn from each other something about adult Christian citizenship in the World. This imaginative and exciting project had the enthusiastic support of the Bishop of Oxford which would be managed by a Committee.   
The Project had its own funds, into which the P.C.C. agreed to pay £660 a year towards the Vicar's stipend. The balance and other expenses were found by Eton College from various sources.
This was taken from a article written for the Dorney Parish News in June 1971 by the then owner of Dorney Court, Philip Palmer

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Dorney Vicarage History J Moriarty 1915

Dorney Vicarage by Lieutenant James Moriarty January 1915

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