Many people and organisations helped in raising funds for the 'Chernobyl' children.


National River Authority Staff raised money.


Howard     Howard

Howard had his hair cut (which he had not cut for 7 years!) to raise funds


LudmillaLudmila, Belarusian Interpreter - Group 3.

 It is impossible to forget my first visit to Britain and it was The Eton Dorney Centre.. I have been to England many times but the first visit will be in my memory forever. It was my first visit to a foreign country (1996) and I was very excited and at the same time very nervous: a strange country and strange people. Lots of questions appeared in my mind:  how I could get on with the children, with my English, you know the more you know the more you think you know nothing at all.

I remember every day in the centre .The children were taken good care of. Every day was well planned and full of exciting activities; Windsor Castle, Eton College, London Zoo, Musical “Cats”, staying in a hotel in Westminster, visiting  Legoland Entertainment Park,  St. Bernard’s Convent School in Slough, visiting the Belarusian Embassy, a trip to the sea by train, swimming  in  Reading and meeting interesting people.  All the children were taken to the dentist surgery and little Anya who had some health problems had a chance to be examined by a famous English children’s doctor in London. The children went to a specialized school in Mogilev because they had problems in learning and the school was sent lots of presents: drills, a sewing machine, paints, brushes, material for school uniforms, a set of music bells, food and many other useful, I can say precious things that staff of any school could only dream about at that difficult time.

I use all the books, photos, illustrations I was presented in St. Bernard’s school and video movies. But the most important thing was the people I made friends with, who were kind, thoughtful, sincere and generous. I remember playing games in the evening, joking and laughing at each other, then I understood an English sense of humour. Now when my students learn about Britain I can tell them plenty of things about the people and places I met and visited at that time.

June 2017

It’s such a pleasure to come back to Dorney again and meet all the people involved, visit all the places, events and outings. According to the school curriculum students have to learn about schools in Britain e.g.Eton, Harrow, Wycombe etc. and when I tell them I’ve been to Eton public school they are very surprised. It was in Eton public school library where we learnt that it was available to find any information, any book in the library of the US Congress in Washington . We didn’t understand how it could be. I tell my students about all the details of that visit. It’s impossible to forget visiting Windsor Castle, London Zoo and the place near Dorney where Robin Hood the Prince of thieves was shot. I remember a museum in Windsor where models of all the crown’s jewellery were on display. It was amazing.


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